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Discover the New Relationship-Based Classroom Management System That Gave Me a Calm, Well-Behaved Class …Whilst Rarely Raising My Voice

Let’s face it teachers, we need help with getting better relationships with increasingly difficult students!

There is so much for teachers to cope with in the 21st century and not all of it has to do with technology! Yes, teachers may struggle with workload, but sometimes, we also struggle with poorly behaved, disengaged students that don’t want to be in our classrooms.

  • Did you know that 40% of new teachers leave the profession within 5 years?
  • Did you know that student management is one of the main causes of this exodus?
  • Did you know that many new teachers are unhappy with their classroom management training gained at University?

Let’s get real here- teaching is a difficult and demanding job.

  • It can be frustrating. It can be confrontational. It can be emotionally draining. It can be tiring. And yes, it can be rewarding

Sometimes skills need boosting. Sometimes new ideas can be our saviour. Sometimes one idea can make a huge change in your ability to negotiate with students, parents and colleagues.

In teaching, we know the key to making school life a great experience for our students and ourselves, is relationships built on an effective classroom management system.

Relationships and Connections!

Many teachers start in the profession because they think they already have good relationships. Some have very little classroom management. They don't know how to really run a class with control and engagement. After all, the parents and especially the students have changed significantly- teachers must change too!

For years I thought that the only way to run a classroom was to be a ‘dragon’ lady. I believed if you were too nice to kids they would just take advantage of you and ‘run amuck’. However, I didn’t want to be a bully ruling by fear...I wanted to find another way.

That is why I studied the best of behavioural change research and got qualifications in training and development so I could find a better way to approach this area.

Through my extensive studies and studying the way in which ultra-successful, calm and composed teachers operate I discovered that there is a hidden component to success in the class room.

The real secret to class room connections is to discover how to build positive respectful and genuine relationships with your students and parents. Out of that relationship you will build at a minimum, mutual respect and sometimes even a desire for learning amongst those students who had never shown any interest in the past. This is what I can begin to show you in my series of connection classes for teachers.

That is why I have developed the “Connect with your class” book, so that I can start you on the journey of building relationships with not only your students, but everyone you deal with.

The “Connect with your class- Connecting tools” series of lessons has the skills you need. It is a step by step guide through tools and skills that you can use everyday. You will finish with a utility belt that will allow you to deal with many situations you are faced with in teaching. This includes situations with students, colleagues, administration and parents. These are tools I use every day in my teaching.

There is no job that requires such mastery in communication as teaching.

  • What if you could communicate with such expertise that you could relate with ease to your students as individuals both in and out of the classroom?
  • What if you could have group rapport and engagement?
  • What if you could have conferences with parents that ran smoothly and finished on a positive note?
  • What if you could negotiate confidently with colleagues? What if you could present exquisitely to your students, colleagues and parents?

Here is what some teachers say about the techniques used in the book:

"This One Strategy Changed My Classroom and the Dynamics Within it"

“I had just moved to a new school and I was finding it very difficult to communicate effectively with my class. We just could not get on the same wavelength. I didn’t know the kids or their background, and I found trouble pitching my lessons to get them engaged. I spoke to Kerry and she suggested the pair interview technique.

This one strategy changed my classroom and the dynamics within it. It made a real difference and there was a connection between me and them as individuals.

As well, it allowed the students (who were unknown to each other) to connect with each other. The impact it had was immediate- they were ready to listen to each other and to me. This connection helped my classroom function much more effectively." - Jenny Ford, (Maths teacher) Phoenix Secondary College

I Have Learned How to Engage My Students from The Minute We Start Class

As a pre-service teacher I have been attending some of Kerry’s workshops, as well as having some private sessions with her. I have learned how to engage my students from the minute we start class, using group rapport skills. I know how to keep them engaged, particularly during instruction time by “breaking state”.

The use of the format system has really helped me to keep on track and I believe the students had a better understanding of the classroom system of work. I knew I was reaching far more students by using her techniques. Kerry taught me some strategies that I did not even touch on during my university studies and that I will definitely use in my teaching career. - Fiona Mack , ( History teacher)

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